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” Tony Chiarle was very professional and provided exact estimates needed for us to properly plan. He easily coordinated with our insurance company working with other subcontractors to complete all paint, roof, siding, and gutter repairs simultaneously which made things so much easier; no hassles scheduling other workers or having to coordinate multiple repair days!! He and the team he assembled were so diligent and hardworking. Each major repair was always completed within one working day with excellent results. They also were very conscientious of ensuring their work areas were cleaned up before they left my home. I would highly recommend Tony Chiarle/ Holden Roofing Austin.

Thank you for your great work”!!!

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Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial Roof Repairs and Roof Leaks

Holden Roofing’s strong reputation throughout the commercial roofing industry dates back more than 50 years. We recognize that roof leaks and repairs cause costly downtime to both your business and your tenants. Our commercial roofing division is accustomed to working on large scale projects and will out perform all other crews in the city. We over-staff our projects to get the job done on-time. Holden Roofing tightly controls the entire process, making sure each job is done right the first time.


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Holden Roofing Austin Commercial roof repairs and commercial roof leaks


Holden Roofing Austin

Holden Roofing is a family owned and operated company and the Holden family has been roofing homes across Texas since 1961. In fact, this is a picture of current owner, Brett Holden back in 1973, supervising his father, then owner and founder Don Holden as they install a roof in the Houston area. Through the years, Holden Roofing has grown from a small operation located in Southwest Houston Texas, to a large organization operating with efficiency throughout the state of Texas with offices in Houston, The Dallas/Fort Worth area, Holden Roofing Austin and San Antonio.

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Roofing Contractors in Austin

One of the longest continually operating and largest Roofing Contractors in Austin, TX.  Our roofers have built a client-base of tens of thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers in Greater Austin.  We are fully insured, with the experience to handle any commercial or residential roof repair, replacement, or new construction roof project in the Austin Area. Give us a call at the Holden Roofing Austin location to get your roofing project on its way.



From inspections to replacement, we have stood for quality workmanship for over 50 years.





Whether it’s flat, metal, or major roof repairs we can handle your commercial roofing project



AUSTIN STORM DAMAGE ROOF REPAIR Roofing Contractors in Austin - Holden Roofing Austin


Free Storm Damage Roof Inspections

Roofing Contractors in Austin (STORM DAMAGE)


Holden Roofing offers a variety of services from residential to commercial re-roofing. Holden Roofing staffs a number of repair specialists, ready to take care of even the smallest repair items on your home. Our repair specialists are some of the most experienced craftsman in the roofing industry and proficient in solving a variety of repair issues.

Holden Roofing also has emergency crews available for cover-ups after a major catastrophe. As a matter of fact, Holden Roofing had emergency crews on the ground and working less than 5 hours after the eye of Hurricane Ike came ashore crippling the Houston and surrounding areas. Our crews covered over a thousand Houston area homes in the weeks following Ike and are available to assist you in your time of extreme need. Feel free to call our office day or night for a fast response and prompt service.

I think, as a homeowner, you will recognize the level of quality you get with a roofing project completed by Holden Roofing. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Holden Roofing Shine Good Reviews for Giving Back. see more..

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